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  • Benjamin K
  • “I love their service! They help with everything! Just needed a few days off to rest from helping my father with a recent disability. During this time, they took him to a doctor appointment, helped him with his dry clean and ran some bank errands. By the time I came back, they were playing a game of backgammon!”

  • Kadhir A
  • “Some home health services say affordable price and quality care, but this is the real thing. They even watch your pets!?”.

  • Janelle P
  • “I’m so glad I went with Accurate ”

  • Chavis L
  • “My mother was recovering from surgery and I had difficulty finding someone to watch her during a temporary second job. Accurate made it easy to call and ask for help and I received a caregiver within a couple days. Thanks for helping us transition through this difficult time. It was more helpful than you know.”

  • Alyssa K
  • “To have someone treat you like family is exactly what I wanted from this type of service. I didn’t know what to do about my health issues. I found that this team was just who I was looking for. ”

  • Joy O
  • “I was originally looking for caregiver assistance to help monitor my dad and his falls. With their free assessment, Accurate determined we really only needed light housekeeping to help my dad maintain his mobility. Twice a week I requested visitation and our caregiver always showed up timely with no complaints. We’ve been fall free since and intend to keep it that way.”

  • Trace M
  • “I wasn’t sure how to ask for help after my surgery. During my stay in a rehab facility, someone mentioned Accurate to me. After my discharge, I gave them a call and they picked up right away. Then we booked an appointment and they saw me for free. I had the same person help me for five months problem free. Now that I’m back on my feet months later, we have a barbecue every couple months.”

  • Teny W
  • “My grandma came to visit us and we’re normally available to spend time with her. Due to recent obligations, we weren’t able to attend to her around midday every weekday. Accurate made it easy for us to select a companion for her while the family was at work/school and allowed us to reschedule around her activities if there was a day we could sit in. They were very flexible and my grandma made a couple new friends during her stay.”

Your Needs Come First

At Accurate Home Care, your needs will always come first. Our caregivers will do everything that they can to make sure that you are safe, comfortable, and well taken care of at home so that you can live the highest quality of life possible.

Here to Help

Find out how we can help in your unique situation. For service-related inquiries and concerns, you can reach our team at 346-358-9090.

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