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caregiver cleaningA lot can be done with a clean and orderly abode. However, for our senior loved ones or loved ones with a disability, a well-maintained home equates to a safe and quality living condition. Risks to falls are prevented. Proper sanitation is implemented. Infection is avoided.

At Accurate Home Care, we recognize how homemaking can be integral in your family’s overall welfare, so we help you provide the following:

  • Ensuring that laundry is thoroughly washed and dried
  • Maintaining cleanliness and orderliness of their rooms
  • Disposing of garbage properly and promptly
  • Ensuring the floor is well-vacuumed
  • Making sure that there’s no clutter everywhere
  • Taking care of plants and pets
  • Other tasks necessary to ensure proper housekeeping

Our senior loved ones can surely benefit from getting homemaking care. Do you need extra hands in ensuring proper housekeeping practices at home? Contact us.

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