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caregiver transporting the senior womanDriving to a particular destination can become quite a challenge, especially when we are in our aging years. If you or a loved one is still fit to drive but are just in need of someone to accompany you to your destination, you can request our care providers to provide you with assistance and companionship.

With our chaperoned transportation services at Accurate Home Care, we assist you with the following, although not limited to:

  • Ensuring that you get to your destination safely and on-time
  • Assistance in getting in and out of your vehicle
  • Assistance in carrying your items (if there are any)
  • Helping you accomplish your errands
  • Ensuring that you have carried out your purpose in heading out
  • Can be your replacement driver when you need to get a break

Are you looking for someone to accompany you in some outdoor errand? Contact us.

happy senior men