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caregiver comforting the elder womanOur family members with Dementia, especially Alzheimer’s Disease, will need diligent and round-the-clock care and monitoring, especially in the later stages of their condition. When you find the need to get some skilled assistance, we have a team of well-trained care providers who can be your extra hands.

With our care services at Accurate Home Care, we can assist you with the following, among others:

  • Guaranteeing the compliance of their care plan
  • Ensuring their safety and comfort at home
  • Assisting their personal care needs
  • Ensuring their hygiene care is well maintained
  • Keeping them indoors to avoid wandering
  • Providing skilled assistance during agitated behaviors
  • Helping you deliver sensible communication

As we take care of our loved ones with dementia, it’s alright to get support when you really need it. For skilled assistance, feel free to contact us.

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