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Can a caregiver accompany and assist me when I need to visit my doctor’s clinic or the hospital?

At Accurate Home Care, our caregivers can provide you with a multitude of services needed. Accompanying you to your doctor’s appointments is just one of these services. Our care providers can also help you take charge of maintaining your routine appointments so that you can arrive to your appointments timely without worry. If your medical appointments may take longer than usual, we can provide you with the option for an additional caregiver or a longer shift of your preferred care provider. This is our way of ensuring that your medical appointments are as efficient and hassle-free as possible.

Why should I choose Accurate Home Care instead of just paying another care professional privately?

Partnering with reputable home care agencies like us will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Our team is fully insured, so no matter what happens during the service, it’s on us.
  • Our staff is thoroughly screened, investigated, and researched so you may have peace of mind about who’s in your home.
  • We also provide professional care assistance on-call regarding additional caregivers.
  • We handle the legal obligations as an employer especially on salary and FICA taxes. With private caregivers, these expenses fall on the employers’ shoulders (you).

Does Accurate Home Care provide consultations free of charge when I schedule for an appointment?

Indeed. We make sure that our team members are always ready to meet with you and your loved ones when you set an appointment with us. These initial assessments are free of charge. We review the client’s health history, evaluate specific care needs, assess home safety, and provide answers to your relevant questions.

Does your agency provide long-term contracts?

Accurate Home Care does not provide fixed contracts in the long-term. What this means for you is that you can cancel the services you have arranged with us at any time and for any reason. There will be no cancellation penalty providing that you give an advanced 15-day written notice.

Is it difficult to cancel care services with Accurate Home Care?

If you wish to cancel any of our services provided, you can. Here are important considerations when canceling a service:

  • Call us before the start of a caregiver’s shift so you can cancel without any penalty for cancellation.
  • Our phone lines are open round-the-clock so that your calls are attended to by our professional staff members.
  • Our scheduling arrangements are flexible. We implement it this way so that we can honor different requests from clients as often as possible. We recognize that every situation is unique, and some schedules can be disrupted by certain events. You can trust that any schedule changes will be accommodated as much as possible. Our only request is that you notify us ahead of time to minimize the effects of the change on our caregivers.

Please take note:
As a licensed Home and Community Support Service Agency, we’re required to let our clients sign the “Individual Service Plan and Consent Form”. This form contains information on the type, frequency, rates, and other delivery practices for the care services that you requested. You can trust that there will be no hidden charges that can come as a surprise.

Is it possible for me to carry out regular errands like grocery shopping or strolling in the mall?

Definitely. Your designated caregivers can provide assistance even in your outdoor activities. You can arrange whether the caregiver will drive for you using your vehicle or their own car. There will be charges of a few cents every mile, and this cost is included in the consent form provided for you to sign during the initial assessment. This means that the mileage incurred are given to the assigned caregiver.

Isn’t it more affordable to just hire myself a private caregiver?

This is also true. A private caregiver costs less than home care agencies like Accurate Home Care. However, this can put you at risk of unforeseen expenses that may require you to spend even more independently than initially partnering with a care agency. For instance, hiring your own private caregiver makes you their legal employer. This means that you are legally responsible to provide for their medical insurance, competitive compensation, tax documentation and filing on designated schedules, hiring and firing caregivers, arranging schedules for time off or sick leave and rescheduling because of cancellation of the appointment among other duties.

Plenty of people decide to hire their own caregiver as independent contractors. However, they have not taken into consideration employer responsibilities such as the taxes and caregiver’s compensation insurance. In the event that the caregiver applies for unemployment benefits or get terminated, they can file a complaint against their employer allowing the government to conduct a payroll tax audit on the employer. When this occurs, the employer (family of the client) must provide payroll taxes from employee hire date until audit date. This will include additional penalties and interests for employer and employee audit taxes.

There are also similar instances regarding the worker’s compensation insurance. If ever something happens to the independent caregiver such as getting injured while on the job and you have not set aside insurance for these incidents, the caregiver can file charges against you for medical expenses, legal charges, and other allowances for their pain and suffering.

Meanwhile, Accurate Home Care is legally licensed as a Non-Medical home health agency. This means that the role and responsibilities of an employer are on our shoulders, relieving you of these hassles and obligations.

How can I contact the staff of Accurate Home Care?

If you would like to coordinate with us, we can answer questions for you when you call us at 346-358-9090. You can also send us an email at For faxed messages, we can be reached at 346-998-1455.

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